The Twelve Gods

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The Twelve Gods

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The great land of Avtolus is ruled over by the twelve Gods of the sky. These twelve are modeled after the Zodiacs. However they are far different than the Zodiacs you know. Their names, symbols and elements are the same, but that's about it. They have different values and domains as well as personalities. Each has a following, though some are larger than others.

Leo- King of the Heavens

Before man dominated the land, the Gods roamed freely around Avtolus. They did as they pleased and chaos reigned. Their near limitless powers ran unbridled. Eventually the Gods fought for control in a conflict known as the Divine Struggle. However, Leo abstained from the fighting. He watched on as his siblings fought endlessly, saddened by their lust for power. As the world became scared and the deities strength ran thin, Leo stepped in. He brought the others to heel and established dominance without the use of force. Thus he created the Divine Rule of Solitude. This credence prevented the Gods from dwelling upon the world and restricted their influence on man. He then continued to rule from on high in the heavens. During the Dark Era he watched, saddened by the struggles of man, but knowing the need to obey his own law. When Gemini and the other Gods came forward, he easily relented, allowing an equal distribution of their own power onto the land. However, as in the past he abstained from blessing man. He recognized the need for an impartial ruler and kept to himself.

Today, Leo is mainly worshiped by the gentry as a symbol of divine right to rule. He is also seen as the head of the Twelve. Rarely is his name taken in vain, as this is considered a great offense to all the Gods. Those who follow the Path of the Lion are considered great leaders who spend their time trying to help others through leadership.

Pisces- Lord of the Oceans

While most of the Gods dwelt on the land, Pisces preferred the depths and expanse of the Sea. All large bodies of water are considered his domain. During the Divine Struggle Pisces stuck to the vast oceans having occasional skirmishes with Cancer when he attempted to take power from the sea. He created the life forms of the ocean including the great whales, the small fish, and eventually the humanoids known as the Mesklig. They came to rule the ocean and enforce the Divine rule of Pisces.

When Leo allowed the ten to bless the world, Pisces saw the sea as his blessing and gave humans the knowledge to travel on the currents with the wind as their power. He also used the sea routs to create trade world wide. This brought unity among the people and a sense of community.

Followers of Pisces usually include sea travelers, fishermen, and those who make their living from the sea. Also the Mesklig universally worship Pisces as their principle God. Those who follow the Path of the Sea often patrol the sea and land borders to enforce Pisces rule and are gifted with the power over the sea itself.

Virgo- The Maiden of Justice

Virgo has always been a symbol of self sufficiency. She always did what needed to be done and did it on her own. If Leo is considered King of the Gods, most think of Virgo as the Queen. During the great Divine Struggle, she was in constant conflict with Libra. Where Libra thought all laws were universal and absolute, Virgo thought of them more as guidelines to assist each person in deciding their own form of justice. During one of their many fights, they released so much power into the mountains of the Craig that some of the stones began to defy gravity and float. It is now a popular saying that when two people don't agree on a law or a ruling that they can "go float elsewhere," referring to the stones of Adalet.

When asked to give a blessing to man, Virgo gave them the right to understand Justice and the Virtue to uphold it and not taint themselves further. This was meant to balance out Libra's strict Law and Order. Leo then gave the domain of Law interpreting to Libra and Law enforcement to Virgo.

Believers of Virgo understand that the best way to help others is to make sure ones self is virtuous. They keep their word and always stay true to what they believe is right. Most city guards and law enforcers pray to Virgo. Those who follow the Path of the Maiden try to assist others through divine retribution of those who have wronged them. Often mistaken for vengeful, these Justicars live by their own rules, using the blessings of Virgo to assist them in their struggle against the darkness within humanities heart.

Libra- The Scales of Balance

Libra has always been a strict deity. Ever since the beginning he only ever saw things as one or another, black and white, right or wrong. He believed man to be a horribly chaotic creature with far too much freedoms. Prior to the dark ages, Libra attempted to give power to a select few people he dubbed his Keepers of the Balance. Though eventually stripped of their powers due to the breach of Leo's Law, the Keepers created and enforced divine laws upon their fellow men.

Law and Order was all Libra could think of to bless man with. He took his understanding of rules and structure and gave them to man. When magic was added, it created the laws that govern magic itself. Where Gemini created the power source, Libra unknowingly created the frame work.

Believers in Libra understand that in order for masses to get along rules must be established. Everything must be fair and equal. They do not understand the need for freedoms if it would lead to any form of chaos. Those who walk the path of Balance give up personal freedoms to follow a higher calling. These new Keepers are less enforcers and more creators of laws. They also serve as the ultimate universal authority in the realms. They adhere to the Divine Law passed down to them by Libra, and do not feel restricted by the laws of the land. However, they do respect the rule of the realm so long as it doesn't directly conflict with their own.


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